Brand Identity & Illustration

Digital: I consult with small brands who have big dreams. We collaborate to develop their product story and visual style.

Traditional: for over 5 years, I contributed illustrations for PIRLS' short stories, used to assess reading comprehension. Images accompanied text that was translated for 4th grade students in over 50 countries.

Illustration, Children’s, Watercolor, Traditional, Digital, Figurative, Animal

STYLE LADDER boutique: Art Direction, Brand Identity, Character Design, & Style Guide for web & print 2012

Style Ladder: Character Illustration, variations

"Insects Are My Friends" 1

"Insects Are My Friends" 3

"Insects Are My Friends" 2

“Rumi & Bumi”

"Ming Lo" 1

"Ming Lo" 2

Process 1: Research, sketch, & transfer

Process 2: Initial Painting

Process 3: Finished Illustration for story titled, "Empty Pot"

"Giant Tooth"